There Are Many Different Reasons Why Someone Might Choose To Work With A Psychotherapist.

Often people look for a psychotherapist because they feel ‘stuck’ about a problem or because they are experiencing some unwanted feelings. Some people have been struggling with their issue for a long time, other people are facing a new situation and feel overwhelmed or unsure of how to cope.

Whatever you reason, seeking therapy is not a sign of failure or weakness. In fact, it’s a sign of self-awareness… you acknowledge that your life isn’t working quite right, and that you could use a little help to sort it out.

So… now that you’re here, know that there are no judgements, no assumptions.

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The information PROVIDED on this site is for general interest purposes ONLY. It is not intended as a tool for self-diagnosis, nor is it definitively going to apply to your specific situation. The only way to determine your needs precisely, and thus decide on a course of action, is to consult with a professional, certified therapist.

If you have coverage for a Registered Psychologist your fees will be covered to see Susan Reed.

If you are in immediate need of help, please visit your local hospital emergency ward or mental health outreach centre… or call Susan at the numbers listed below.

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