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The Rebound

Dear Susan, I am 36, separated for 7 months and have started dating. One theory I’ve heard before is that you wouldn’t want to be someone’s “rebound” person. I recently met a man I’m very interested in. But I would definitely be his “rebound.” Should I hold back until he has had at least one […]

Money Personalities

Dear Susan, My husband and I have been arguing daily about the money we are spending this Christmas. My argument is that we need to dig into savings to have a nice Christmas, (we have big families and many children to shop for!) he doesn’t want to. Our fights are getting worse. I can understand […]

Pets & Loneliness

Dear Susan, My wife of 18 years passed away last year. My daughter-in-law has suggested that maybe a pet would help me feel less lonely, and said that pets can help with grief. Is this true? Does it matter what type of pet? I think my loneliness is normal, but if it will help, I […]

What Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an effective way of correcting problematic behaviour, and learning to be the best you can be. How you think about yourself, the world and other people. How what you do affects your thoughts and feelings. It has been found to be helpful in the treatment of: Anxiety Depression Panic Agoraphobia and other […]

The Bad-Mouthing Ex

Dear Susan, I am divorced from a physically and emotionally abusive ex husband. But he badmouths me to my 9 year old son. My son is comes home from visits every week and asks me if the information is true. Also, he is beginning to treat me badly, by not listening, and being very rude. […]

Dealing With Apathy

Dear Susan, I was in a grocery store last week when a man had a heart attack and collapsed. I am feeling really disturbed because no one stopped to help him. Not one single person. Everyone stood around, but no one helped. (I arrived at the same time as the paramedics) I don’t know whether […]

Embarassed Parents

Dear Susan, My 26-month-old son is potty training. Recently he has also started ‘touching’ and ‘pulling’ at himself. He started doing it a lot at home, but last week he really embarrassed us by doing it in front of his grandparents! My boyfriend and I are arguing about how to handle this. I don’t want […]

Food Throwing – Age 2

Dear Susan, I am the parent of a 2 year old boy who won’t listen to me. He throws food at the dinner table, and has tantrums whenever I say ‘no’ to something. How can I make him behave? Louise, London   Dear Louise, A toddler’s world is made up of exciting new discoveries. However, […]


Dear Susan, 18 months ago my daughter ended her marriage, moved in with me, and began dating another man. As soon as her husband found out, he became obsessive, calling her over and over, emailing her friends, sending her letters and having his friends and family follow her. She contacted a lawyer who said that […]

The Complicated Breakup

Dear Susan, I dated a woman for about 3 months and recently broke up with her. She has not taken it very well. There have been a lot of tearful phone calls and she emails me at home and at work. Her emails are numerous and time consuming. Last month, she called me at 3AM, […]

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