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Why Talk Therapy?

Dear Susan, I went to my doctor because I feel depressed. (My ex-boyfriend just got engaged!) He prescribed an anti depressant, and made the suggestion that I see a therapist. I have never been to one before. What will we talk about, and how is talking going to make me feel better? Anonymous, London   […]

Social Phobia

Dear Susan, I am a successful businessperson with a problem. Every Christmas season I feel very anxious about going to parties. I can’t avoid them because they are often client related, but I feel terribly nervous and can’t wait to leave. I usually don’t relax until I am home again. What can I do? MB […]

Money Personalities

Dear Susan, My husband and I have been arguing daily about the money we are spending this Christmas. My argument is that we need to dig into savings to have a nice Christmas, (we have big families and many children to shop for!) he doesn’t want to. Our fights are getting worse. I can understand […]

Pets & Loneliness

Dear Susan, My wife of 18 years passed away last year. My daughter-in-law has suggested that maybe a pet would help me feel less lonely, and said that pets can help with grief. Is this true? Does it matter what type of pet? I think my loneliness is normal, but if it will help, I […]

What Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an effective way of correcting problematic behaviour, and learning to be the best you can be. How you think about yourself, the world and other people. How what you do affects your thoughts and feelings. It has been found to be helpful in the treatment of: Anxiety Depression Panic Agoraphobia and other […]

What Are Anxiety And Depression?

Depression and anxiety can impact individuals of any age. People with depression frequently also suffer from anxiety as they tend to go hand in hand. The causes of depression and anxiety appear to be very complex. While there may be a biochemical cause, meaning that certain chemicals—neurotransmitters—in the brain may be low, it is not […]


Hello Susan, My husband is an alcoholic and I also suspect that he is a Narcissist because I can check off ‘yes’ to many of the traits described related to my husband. But I want to know how a person would become a narcissist, is it genetic or a learned behaviour? What makes a person […]

The Christmas Blues

Dear Susan, I have been separated from my wife for over 8 months. It has been really hard but I thought I was adjusting to being single again, because I was dating and starting to feel happier living alone…but with Christmas looming, I have started to feel increasingly lonely and depressed. Is this normal? Dan, […]